Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Washing cars

There was a news item in the indian express that people in gurgaon who wud be caught washing cars on public roads would be put behind bars(jail bars and not pub bars as most ggn'ites wd like ) this has been done as some intelligent people felt that washing cars was the biggest culprit to road damage. (hmmm :-)

interesting news and throws up a few questions

1. who wd catch these people?
2 who wd authenticate the same?
3. suppose i have my car parked inside the house i.e. away from the public road and i wash my car is it ok then?
4. how wd it be proved that the water from the car wash led to road damage and not inferior material used.
5. what about washing verandas which is a favourite hobby of most middle class homes. they feel washing verandas a sure shot way of keeping the house clean. the verandas in most household links o the driveway which is cemented and extends all the way to the road. so every morning there are countless bais washing with great gusto and the memsahibs supervising to see if any sq cm area does not get left.
6 and what about the garbage burning on the roadside by households. the heat from the burning loosens the tar on the road and lead to potholes.

well so many questions are flooding my mind but then i a mere mortal. most of us want somebody outside the regulate our social behaviour and those trying to regulate us try to do their best with results just a lot of smoke and little fire.

wish it said all those who wash their cars will be taken behind beer bars and will be made to drink silly and will then be allowed to find their way home. the fear of getting runover will be higher than threatning people that fir's will be lodged against them . Amen

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