Friday, June 20, 2008

Providing drinking water

On june 18 - The Haryana Chief Minister Mr. Bhupinder Singh Hooda said that Haryana Government had earmarked a sum of Rs. 155 crore during the current financial year under an innovative Indira Gandhi Water supply scheme for providing eight lakh water supply connections free of cost to the families belonging to scheduled castes in the State and out of these 3.82 lakh connections had already been given to the beneficiaries so far. Great job done Mr C.M.
however there is a small catch. we all forget that 80% of the water supplied to households is thrown out of the house as sewage in urban areas and wastewater in rural areas. (urban areas don't understand the concept of wastewater. for urban areas as everything in the house is connected to the sewer line all wastewater ends up as sewage.) rural people are not lucky as they have no sewer lines and 80% defecate outside so water not used or waste water is taken out of the house.

so if haryana govt. spends 155cr for providing water what about wastewater???? it is either the planners or admin people forgot that there is no sewer in the villages or they didn't think wastewater management was imp. rural people are anyway supposed to manage things on their own.

actually this has always been the case with central planning. part of the system is always left blank and somebody is supposed to fill in the blanks. we seriously now need planners and admin people to upgrade not only their knowledge but also skills to come to terms with globalisation happening. this way money can be better utilised and people can enjoy benefits.

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