Friday, June 06, 2008

Environment Day celebrations, June 5

heck no! another environment day. so what would we see. poster making competition, cycle rallies, tree(sapling) plantation and a whole lot of government babus and netas extolling the virtues of saving environment and telling everybody that we should save the planet for our children blah! blah! blah!.

all these babus and netas and the junta they address would come to designated venues of various functions in air conditioned cars, buses, two wheelers etc.

oh my gosh! nobody seemed to notice that vehicles run on petrol/diesel, burning which releases carbon dioxide. the amount of Co2 which a vehicle emits to reach a function would be far greater than what the sapling will consume which has been planted(assuming it stays to grow into a tree) but why would anybody notice that when what people are noticing is their names and photos coming in the nextday newspaper and a sense of having achieved something by doing their moral duty.
poster making/painting competitions are done on paper which is thrown right after the competition. tea/coffee/water is served in plastic/thermocol cups, sancks are served in plastic plates etc, which will then be made into a nice heap and burnt after the event is over. All these emit Co2. :(
Well in Haryana this the practice and if anybody proves me wrong then i am ready to rewrite the whole script.

So why does everybody make the right noises and does nothing. i feel it is because we don't CARE a damn for environment. and why don't we care? it is because we were never sensitised by our parents, teachers and society when we were young. we feel our job towards environment is when we can make the right noises and at best plant a sapling in some public function.

i think the best way for states to celebrate this day is to ban all functions. we will be doing more for environment this way then when we organise functions.

at an individual level we can start garbage segregation at our households, we can start carrying a cloth bag to the market, we can switch off all our electricty for 1 hour every week..........

what we can do are divided into countless possibilities. what we need is a will. when the WILL is not there at the individual level how do we expect it at the state level and thus we end up make the right noises and doing nothing.

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