Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Delhi Gurgaon Expressway and Rainwater Harvesting

NHAI and DSS constructions constructed this wonderful expressway linking delhi and gurgaon. they say it now takes only 15mts to reach gurgaon.

unrelated to the above is a fact that groundwater levels in both south delhi and gurgaon have fallen to a state which can be best classified as critical. The best way to do water harvesting is to have a continuous smooth surface acting as a water catcher as the runoff from a smooth paved surface is higher.

join the above two together and you have four. an expressway, a continuous smooth surface to catch rainwater, good potential to recharge and a good monsoon.

however the ground reality. The expressway has no water harvesting between hero honda chowk in gurgaon to delhi border. i don't know if there is any water harvesting on delhi side of the border. The water harvesting that has been done between hero honda chowk in gurgaon upto the toll plaza at village kheri daula in gurgaon is poorly planned and badly executed. i took some photos of the harvesting structures where most of the pipes are jammed with garbage and construction material. nobody from nhai, dss construction or the distrcit administration gurgaon thought it prudent to see that these water harvesting endeavours are atleast operational.
meanwhile after every rain, water accumulates on the side lanes and creates a nuisance for the drivers.


hritvick said...

Hi Abhay,
I'm Hritvick, A correspondent with Friday Gurgaon, a new weekly newspaper. I've recently done a story on water-harvesting in Gurgaon and the related potential of the expressway is something I'd like to write on. I'd appreciate if you could help me understand a few issues with water-harvesting.
It'd be great if you could mail me at

Hritvick Sen

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