Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Environmentally sustainable ideas for valentine day

The amazing part of Indian culture is its ability to soak all that is alien into it and in the process Indianize it. This is the reason we have been to incorporate things from people who made India their home as also from those who just came to plunder this country.

Ok, accept it or not valentine day is here to stay. This day in 2009 makes more sense then earlier years as there is so much gloom around regarding the financial markets and the loss of jobs.

Here are some ideas for expressing love in an environmentally sustainable way

Gift your love a replica of Taj Mahal. Taj is not only among the new seven wonders of the world but defines indian culture and is a symbol of love. The only condition is that the replica is not made of Ivory. (for the uninitiated ivory comes from the tusks of elephants who are killed mercilessly for their tusks) This will not only be a memorable gift for your love but would also encourage the indian handicraft industry. It would be durable and can lie in the showcases of your love’s house/room.

Gift a sapling or better plant a sapling together. If love is what you are expressing what better way than presenting life. In case both of you plant the sapling then you can actually see the sapling grow as your love grows. The sapling can be planted either in a public place or in a friends house. It would be great if the sapling is that of a flowering tree. As the tree grows and flowers, each flowering season will remind you of your love.

Gift a flowerpot. Gifting roses is lame. They wilt within a few days. On top of it you wrap it in plastic which is non-biodegradable and either clogs drains or pollutes air as normally people like to burn garbage. Give a rose plant. This can lie in your lovers garden, balcony or terrace. The flowering plant will be a reminder of your love for days, weeks or years depending on your intensity.

Gift pottery. It could be a pen stand, a vase, ornamental piece etc. Pottery is so cool and can decorate the room of your love. On top of it you will be helping the rural artisan earn a livelihood rather than giving your money for a product created by a multinational company who will anyway take that money out of India.

Gift ethnic ware like lampshades, mirror etc. In Dilli Haat and on roadsides I have seen a lot of ethnic mirrors.

Go visit Yamuna Biodiversity Park, Dilli Haat, Lodhi Gardens. Malls are lame, in fact today mall seems to be more rural than urban. these are the places visited by people who have not seen a big shopping complex. you don’t need to see a shopping complex, you need to see and talk to your love. Find a peaceful environmental place. Make sure you don’t litter or etch your name on the wall or bench of the place.

Love is in the air. Time to show it and also time to tell all those who say this is alien to Indian culture. If this is alien then lets destroy the Khujuraho temples, The Taj Mahal and burn all the karma sutra books.

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