Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Happy Birthday…Here is a tree for you

here's an idea from ajay jain, another extraordinary mortal who cares about his planet. read on......

There are enough companies who take care to make their employees and customers feel good on their birthdays. It could be in the form of a cake or a day off for the birthday boy or girl at office, or a card sent to a customer. How about making these occasions more memorable?

Plant a tree. And ensure provision is made to ensure it is nurtured over the years. No point having dead saplings and half trees lying around, right?

The logistics of tree birthday parties
Here are some tips that could help an organization do a good job of tree parties:

Where? Identify spots where trees can be planted. There are enough organizations who can help you. Best if it is within or near your workplace open areas.

Too many employees or customers to make it practical to gift each a tree? Have a monthly ceremony where you plant one or more trees.

Click a photo: When you plant a tree, click a photo with the employee/s who it is for. Give them that photo to cherish for life. If your customers are not there, send a photo of the tree and tell them about it.

Don’t want to hurt the sentiments of the tree? What sentiments? Hey, come on, you don’t send photos using paper made from trees, do you? Trees have feelings too. Post these online.

Find a tree manager: You need the tree to looked after. Find someone to do it. A staffer maybe. Or outsourced.

No time to plant trees and look after them? Never mind, you have an honourable escape route. Find an agency or organization to do so for you. Pay them. No, it is all right: you do not have to have your manager running around trying to plant a tree.

Name the tree: Don’t make the trees feel like orphans. Or be without an identity. Give them a name. Maybe even after your own brands. Kit Kat is a decent name for a tree. So is Fido Dido or Ronald McDonald. Even Volvo, Nirma and Bazooka will do.

What are you waiting for? You have a tree birthday to plan!!

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