Wednesday, June 07, 2006

World Environment Day

June 5, another environment day comes and goes. As expected we have a state level seminar on environment where the environment minister and a host of other policy makers and people who determine our lives extol the virtues of environment.

I vaguely heard the minister talk about banning polybags. BAN polybags !!! Ha! Ha! How do you ban an item in a democracy for which people have a need? What next? Ban colas, ban nuclear energy, ban pornography, ban drugs. NO we still haven’t got it. The word is to manage. We need to manage things.

Economics is a very interesting subject. It tells you about supply and demand. If there is a demand, the supply will come into place. If not here then there would be some wise guy some place who will figure out how to supply what is in demand. YO! So you see I guess now we should remove the word BAN from the dictionary. WE don’t need to ban anything . We need to manage, we need to bring alternatives that are cleener and environmentally friendly, we need action and not talk.

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